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Moreschi’s shoe factory was established in 1946 as a family run company in Vigevano, a city traditionally known as the core of high quality shoes production. By now Moreschi, with 400 employees and a production of more than 240 000 pairs of shoes per year, represents one of the most prestigious brands of made in Italy , with an internationally renowned high quality. The entire management of the manufacturing process is controlled inside the company in order to obtain a 100% made in Vigevano product. This strategy grants the top-quality control in any detail. All Moreschi’s products are masterpieces which combines high craftsmanship, creativity and innovation. Today, Moreschi’s world includes a wide range of products: footwear, clothing, leather goods and accessories for sophisticated customer, able to appreciate details and elegant handcrafts, with a polish and refined contemporary-chic design. Vis mindreLes mer

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