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rag & bone was born of the shared frustrations of friends not being able to buy the type of clothing they wanted to wear. They founded the company in 2002 with the intention of filling that void. With no formal fashion training, the founders set about learning how to make jeans. Beginning in Kentucky, they surrounded themselves with people who had been sewing, cutting and constructing classic workwear for generations. Working with these skilled craftsmen taught Wainwright & Neville early on about the importance of quality workmanship and careful attention to detail. These principles, along with a desire to employ individuals who take great pride in their work, soon became the foundation of the rag & bone philosophy. Many of the items in the collection incorporate details or trims that go back to an earlier time when a greater appreciation was placed on fine tailoring. The same amount of emphasis is put on the inside of the garments and trims, as is taken with the outward appearance of the clothing. Vis mindreLes mer

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